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Lil Wayne – Cashed Out

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Letra de Cashed Out de Lil Wayne

Fu*k nig*a, them fu*k nig*as
My blunt bigger than these lil nig*as
Keep stuntin with your bit*h a*s
You’ll get Jacked and Jilled, nig*a
Fu*k wrong with these sissy nig*as?
I’m smoking that Bill Bixby nig*a
I’m spendin money, spendin money
Ben Franklin dizzy nig*a!
Your bit*h on my dick, I told her I was busy
She say “Wayne on me, Wayne on me” cause yo a*s need drizzlin’
That pu*sy came gift-wrapped: bow and a ribbon
And if she bounce that a*s then I’m dribblin
That pu*sy so wet, it turned into a Gremlin
There’s only one me, ain’t no equivalent
She give me brain, brain like trivia
I got a black bit*h and a red bit*h
I call them hoes Aunt Vivian
Chopper knock your face off
Black shades, Ray Charles
I be killing young hoes
I got your ho up in my graveyard
I ain’t working with a full deck
But I pull out that Ace card
She grab that dick with 2 hands
Like she about to pray for it
Clips hanging, no curfew
Fu*k you and who birthed you
I’m shining like church shoes
Birdman Jr. y’all birdfood
I’m bout it I said I’m about to cum
She opened her mouth water fountain
When I’m on the scene I’m on that lean
Bit*h, I’m drowsy
Man, I’m so high I don’t know what I’m laughing about
I got bars, nig*a
And it’s happy hour!

Riding round with them choppas, not them ninas
Riding around with a bit*h named Molly and she on Molly ha!
Bit*h I put my foot in you’re a*s karate
Man these nig*as can’t see me like a diary
Smoke that weed, let’s get irie
Nina shut up, that bit*h got a silencer
Top of the gun there is a scope
I close one eye, I look like a pirate, fu*k it!
Trukfit my bit*h up, Tunechi lee big nuts
I’m getting my dick sucked
I blow weed like it’s dust!
Spacehead love pu*sy, hate feds
Just bought my girl a Ferrari Spider
Told her drive it like it got 8 legs
I’m a made nig*a Machiavelli
That Mack-11 necessary
I’m a hard head: I pop the cherry
No pu*sy, no rats, no Tom and Jerry
They say your friends are your enemies?
Well, my friends are imaginary
I’m the motherfu*kin resolution like the 1st of January
My ride cold and my bit*h hot
I’m tired as hell but my dick not
I don’t gas no bit*h, no pitstop
Smoke Barney and Baby Bop!
Y’all nig*as act like lady cops
My nig*as smoke like coffee shops
That’s syrup gang, wafflehouse
Gunfight, I’ll knock you out
My bit*h titties is poppin out
We poppin up and we get it poppin
Mask on, gloves on
Like Mickey Mouse, clips stickin out
Like Nicki’s a*s
Smoking on that sticky bag
Weezy F I’m big and bad
Small feet, but I kick your a*s
I’m the trigger man, that shooting star
Eat that pu*sy like caviar
She treat that dick just like a straw
How you like them apples, Microsoft?
Now wipe it off
I do Liv on Sundays: church!
Step off in that motherfu*ker fresher than some Certs
Uuh! Who the fu*k is Stevie J?
I got the ball, playing keepaway
Kidnap your a*s, kill your a*s
Then hide your a*s like an Easter Egg!
It’s Hollygrove to my deathbed
Just make sure my pillow’s fluffed
Hit a nig*a with a million shots
What you call that? A million bucks
Good weed, we pa*s around
Money talks mine got a nasty mouth
It’s Young Money, Cash Money
Til the motherfu*kin day I’m Cashin Out!

Riding round with them choppas, not them ninas
Your bit*h wanna come round her where the gra*s is greener
And if you pa*sing that weed I’m the wide reciever
Ad lib Tunechi follow the leader bit*h.
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