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Lil Wayne – So Dedicated

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Letra de So Dedicated de Lil Wayne

Uh, She so sophisticated
She’ll catch a nig*a nut and then refrigerate it
I wear a rubber and we fu*k till we get hydrated
I pull it out, bust on her face and call her cry baby
I kiss her neck, I kiss her stomach and then I kiss that pus*y
And then I eat it from the back, but I don’t do crack
And then I get this monster hard and ask her where to put it?
She tell me Tunechi hit it raw, I tell that bit*h you crazy
Don’t want no HIV, dont need that honey, move to Vegas?
It’s YMCMB, the fu*kin’ alpha and omega
The presidential Double R, call it Ronald Reagan
I fu*k yo bit*h we cum together, call that congregating
I be balling on these Nig*as, Sports Illustrated
Tough in the streets, but you in a court with a statement
Ain’t that a bit*h? Man, kill everybody but the babies
Give that bit*h nig*a the blues till he fu*kin navy

Man I be riding around with that yoppa
I pop a nig*a like
All you hoes get topless
Suck this dick till it’s spotless
Too many hoes I got options
I aint never trippin’, you can ask bit*h
I’ma send em back with her pus*y lips looking just camel lips
You fu*kin with some real nig*as, blow your fu*kin head off
They say life is a bit*h, I hope that bit*h a red bone
All I know is get money, bit*h aint gettin shit from me
Fu*k a six pack, six bullets give you six stomachs
Tell her how that pus*y taste
She’s been eating pineapples
Throw it back like a Quaterback
Hit that a*s like a Linebacker
Put that pus*y on me
We caught up in the moment
AK with a hair trigger
Nig*a don’t make me comb it
It’s like a full time job not to kill nig*as
Some of my homeboys job is to kill nig*as
Yea, cause I’m still on probation
Write yo name on the bullet that’s a dedication.
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