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Young Jeezy – Same Damn Time (Remix)

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Letra de Same Damn Time (Remix) de Young Jeezy

I wear Gucci; I wear prada at the same damn time
On the phone, cooking dope, at the same damn time
Selling white, selling mid, at the same damn time
Fucki*g 2 bad bit*hes at the same damn time
At the same damn time, at the same damn time
At the same damn time, at the same damn time
On the booth on the mart at the same damn time
On the sofa, private bar, at the same damn time

Yeah I’m gonna remix you’re going crazy crazy
Is every mate is built that sh*t is crazy
Pop the roly in the
At the same damn pipe it was stack of every
The same damn high
Every time I see the her she would the same damn
Every picture so we got the same damn light
The wind can’t underneath the nig*a
I probably want the same damn
Drive like a way em like a
All I blow is cash nig*a tell me what you’re stashing it
My calling is doing this my personal is killing this
Nig*as talk their Yale sh*t
Personally I’m to it
Yeah I’m but personally they ignorant
Personally they ignorant

Bad bit*hes in the Tryin to
Just to hook nig*a
If you want a unit tryin to scratch to another room
Tricking on the bubble gum
Diamond boy on the jet
Talking on the iphone sipping on the
The dirty got my mind
The money got my mind blow
Bbs and white stones bbs and watch gone
I’m rolling like a rolling stone
Free Benz and microphone
And my cash wait long
Turn up, I see a bunch of

You make a and don’t want it
I can got that damn .a.t the chill
My young nig*a across me
You know in my Gucci is like a plane
Cash money smell like cocaine
Like Jacky chain gave me free champagne
Like a pimp
Need to get the sh*t .

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